What Are Rain Chains?

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Tri-County Guttering offers decorative gutter chains

People call us all the time and ask “What are rain chains?”

In the simplest form a rain chain is a decorative downspout, but there is a little more science to it than that.

The downspout is where the rain water that has been collected by the gutter from your roof is transitioned to the ground, drain or rain water collection barrel. While our downspouts are quite good looking some people want just a little extra curb appeal. That’s when you need to add a rain chain!

Rain chains are decorative downspouts that transfer rain water from the gutter to the ground or collection barrel.

They come in many shapes, sizes, styles, colors and finishes. Some are, just as the name says, a simple chain. Other rain chains can consist of little mini buckets that are all linked together, as the first little bucket fills it overflows into the one below it. This creates a beautiful cascading effect.

Here are some of the many styles of rain chains we found with a Google search…

Call us today to see our rain chain options. They are nearly endless! Thanks for reading.